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Other Items For Sale Outright:

Title Inv # Price Description Photo
911/912/924/944/914 Washer Nozzles 326 $8.75 each,
$16.50 pr.
This is a Pair of Porsche Windshield washer nozzles. These NEW Nozzles are black. These fit the following applications: 911 ('74-'84), 912E, 914/4 from Ch#4742902454 (1974), 924, 924 Turbo, 911 Turbo ('76-'85), and the 944 thru 1984. If your washer nozzles need to be replaced this is your chance! 911/912/924/944/914 Washer Nozzles
911 Horn Grill, '71 328 $21.00 This is the right horn grill from a 71 911T some small pits but still very usable.
911 Decklid Grill, '74-'89 321 !!! SOLD !!!$45.00 In very good shape, off an '86 model. No bolts, but little rubber bumpers are in excellent condition (ask if that doesn't make sense). 911 Decklid Grill, '74-'89
911 Turbo K&N Air Filter, '76-'89 252 $45.00 The part number on the box is... 33-2530. It is new in the box. 
Photo Coming Soon
911SC Decklid Emblem 246 $25.00 Used, comes with four mounting clips.
911decklogo_i246.jpg (57428 bytes)
911 Spare Tire Holder 245 !!! SOLD !!!$15.00 This is used but in good condition. This is the piece that keeps the spare in place. 911 Spare Tire Holder
911 Inner Cowl Cover 276 !!! SOLD !!!$45.00 This is a Porsche 911 interior cowl cover. It covers the wiper motor and other assorted assemblies. This is used but in good condition. This is for the 1977-1989 car with brake booster. These are most times cracked or broken but this is not cracked. It is in good useable condition.  911 Inner Cowl Cover
911 Starter Relay 250 $17.00 This is a new-in-box Performance Products starter relay. The part number is SR2724. This part is often the fix to odd ignition problems that are hard to diagnose; at this price you can afford it. 911 Starter Relay
911 Torsion Bar, 78-85, Rear 24.1 mm NEW 228 $50.00 Part #911.333.101.09, according to the Porsche dealer it sells for $169.05. This still has the sticker on it from Porsche. 911 Torsion Bar, 78-85, Rear 24.1 mm NEW
911/930 Condensor Cover Plate 225 $15.00 NEW factory left upper condensor cover plate. Part #930.512.263.00 911/930 Condensor Cover Plate
911 Temperature Switch 218 !!! SOLD !!!$20.00 Part #911.613.121.00
This is a Factory Porsche temperature switch, 2 prong style. Fits all 911's 1975-1988. NEW Old Stock!
911 Temperature Switch
911 Bumper Guard, Left Rear 221 !!! SOLD !!!$200.00 Part #911.505.341.02 fits all 911 75-83 No damage, all 3 studs solid/intact, like new.
911 Bumper Guard, Left Rear
911 Front Lock Plate Cover, used 210 $40.00 very good condition, fits all 911 74-89 911 Front Lock Plate Cover, used
911 Rear Wide Deco Strip 65-73 193 $35.00 This is a used deco strip of the wide or lux type in good serviceable condition and will fit either side. 911 Rear Wide Deco Strip 65-73
911 Lobro CV Joint, '90-'94 2WD Models Only 192 $50.00 Part is new, for Carrera 2 964's only. It is not in the original packing.
911 Engine Mount 65-77 all, 78-89 Coupe 180 $50.00 Part is new. Replacing engine and transmission mounts can help restore precise shifting. 911 Engine Mount 65-77 all, 78-89 Coupe
911 Pedal Board 182 !!! SOLD !!!$80.00 This fits 1966-1989 911 Coupe. This is in good but not perfect used condition. The far bottom right corner has some seperation in the wood but is very useable. 911 Pedal Board
911 Ashtray 178 !!! SOLD !!!
From an '87 911 911 Ashtray
911 Glovebox Door and Lock, '72 412 $55.00 Primed and ready for painting and installation. 911 Glovebox Door and Lock, '72
911 Windshield Washers, Black   $5.00 each Part #914.628.203.11, fits 911 74-84, 911 Turbo 76-85, 914 74-76, 924/944 76-84. 4 in stock - replace those wax-encrusted, shrivelled old things with these and restore full bug-blasting power! 911 Windshield Washers, Black
Sunroof Drive Gear 176 $10.00 New -- This is Porsche Part # 928.564.125.02 If your Electric sunroof skips / grinds when you open or close it, chances are this is stripped. Very easy to replace ( 2 motor retaining screws and 1 circlip). Stop that annoying and embarassing sound! Sunroof Drive Gear
911 Stub Axle, from 915/63 transmission   $25.00 The threads in the bolt hole areas are munged, and there are some gouges on the surface. I was advised that these are often fixed by taking them to a machine shop and having the holes filled and rethreaded, but I ended up opting for a used replacement - it cost me $100, and that's a very good price for one, so I've priced this item appropriately. Sold as is, however. I can get you better photos if you're interested. I will also get the exact part number. 911 Stub Axle, from 915/63 transmission
911 69-73 Horn Grilles, Pair   $55.00 Need work, but if you're missing yours, these are excellent inexpensive replacements! 911 69-73 Horn Grilles, Pair
911 73-83 cis K&N AIR FILTER 164 Reduced!
from $65.00 to $56
This is a new in the box K&N reusable air filter that will fit 73-83 911. 911 73-83 cis K&N AIR FILTER
Plug Connector, 911 65-77, 914-6, screw-on, right-angle   $11.00 Original Equipment Plug Wire Connector, still in factory packaging. Click thumbnail for enlarged view. Part #901.609.309.00 Plug Connector, 911 65-77, 914-6, screw-on, right-angle
Anodized Aluminum Lugnuts, 4   $20.00 All you need is one more! These are NOS - bought them for a friend's car, realized as the stud burst through the top of the first that his wheel studs were longer than stock (previous wheel spacers removed by previous owner?) So we got him some 'open face' steel lugnuts, and you can snag these!
911 '74-'89 Rear Tail Light Lens, Left 134 $55.00 It is the driver side (left) lens and is red with white reverse. It's not broken or cracked but there is a small scuff in the middle of the lens that can easily be polished out (I tried to capture it in the picture, but it's not really noticeable, ask if you want a better view). The lens came off of a 1984 Carrera and will fit most late 70's and 80's Porsches. The Bosch part number is SAEA1P2STR77. 911 '74-'89 Rear Tail Light Lens, Left
911 CV Bolts, Washers, Brackets NEW? or Refinished? 100 $45.00 I'm not sure if these are the 10x48mm or 10x55mm bolts, but they don't fit my car, which uses the smaller diameter bolts. There are 22 Kamax 12 9s and 1 Ribe 8 8 which is slightly longer than the others (I'll try to get another photograph with a ruler in a little bit. Also, there are 12 of the brackets which join two bolts each, as well as 24 'lock' washers. I originally thought these were brand new, but they appear to at least have been installed once, as a few of the bolts show marks in the socket heads and the brackets show where the washers have bitten in a little bit, but the finish on all is perfect, so I don't think they were driven - perhaps a concours freak???

These retail for $2.50 per bolt (i.e. $57.50 just for the bolts), not including the brackets and washers, which double the value!

Click on the photo for a close-up of two of the bolts

911 CV Bolts, Washers, Brackets NEW? or Refinished?
Blaupunkt Quad Booster Model BQB 80


148 $40.00 Quad booster by Blaupunkt. Blaupunkt Quad Booster Model BQB 80
944 85.5 Fusebox Lid 141 $10.00 In nice shape, decal in nice shape, too. 944 85.5 Fusebox Lid
MAHLE Oil Filter, OC-54  
This oil filter is a Mahle OC 54 micro-star, it is new in unopened box. It will fit 912E, 911 2.4 & 2.7, 911 SC 3.0, 911 Carrera 3.2, 911 Turbo 3.0/3.3, 930 Turbo 3.3, Carrera 2.7, and Carrera 3.0. Equivalent to: MANN W 940/29. Made in Austria. MAHLE Oil Filter, OC-54
PORSCHE 911 Door Panels 1977-94 108 $150.00 Bought these with the thought of using them to replace the leather door panels on my 1980 911SC Weissach Edition while I had the others being recovered. That's still the plan, unless you want to buy them now... Get the whole deal for less than some places charge for the upholstery kit alone. PORSCHE 911 Door Panels 1977-94
PORSCHE 911 Air Flow Sensor Boot 78-83 USED 105 $15.00 This is one of my favorite pieces of CIS fuel injection componentry - The Kidney Bean, also known as part #930.110.358.05! It is critical to the running of your car - if it should slip loose of the airbox mounting, your car will STOP. (Ask me how I know, happened soon after my first 911 purchase, scared the snot out of me). This piece is used, came off of an '82, and is a little brittle on the outer surface, with some minor surface cracks on the end near the smaller bottom opening. The lip of that opening is also a little brittle, but... final diagnosis - none of the cracks go very deep into the surface, certainly none through to the inside, which is critical, and the lip will still seal. Includes the metal fasteners, except for on the large opening, and the one on the small opening looks like somebody pried it loose with a screwdriver, so it should probably be replaced. This part sells for $74.98, without the mounting pieces, at leading aftermarket parts suppliers. PORSCHE 911 Air Flow Sensor Boot 78-83 USED
Porsche Heated Side Mirror  $55.00 This mirror appears unused (no scratches on the connectors) and bears part #911.731.035.09. I was going to use it for a driver's side mirror, but when I found it had 'OBJECTS IN MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR' I decided against it. From the sticker on the back, I am assuming it was manufactured on Feb. 24, 1995 - it appears more modern than the heated mirror on my 1980 911SC, but I believe it should work fine for the following models: 911 1976-86, 924 mid-1978-82, 924S, 944 1983-early 85, and 928 1978-86, left or right. Part #911.732.035.08, which I believe this is a replacement for, sells for $84.98 in Automotion's catalog. Porsche Heated Side Mirror
Porsche 924 Head Light Dimmer Switch79 $10.00 This piece is from a 1978 Porsche 924. It lists in Automotion for $19.98, but of course, since it's used, you get a deal. 924 Head Light Dimmer Switch
Porsche 944S Throttle Cable Assembly49$20.00 I found this for a good price, so I bought it, but it doesn't fit my 'mission statement' for this site, which is to purchase items for cars I own and might need someday, or sell them if others need them. This came from an '87 944S. Comes complete with bolts. It has the support brackets, but does not come with the throttle guide. If you need a new throttle cable for a 944S, this is it, though I have to add it's sold as is, since I don't know much about 944's.944 Throttle Cable Assembly
York A/C Compressor61$40.00Late 70's/early 80's York A/C compressor used by Porsche and Ford. Has numbers G-22/12-5516 and Lester 012-05702 stamped on unit. I bought this off e-Bay for use in case mine went bad. Until I need it, it's up for grabs. Originally came with a Porsche 911 for use as a spare. Turns freely and pumps so it appears to be in good working condition, but you will be buying as is. Does not have clutch or freon line connectors - you will need to transfer from your old York compressor. Stored in sealed bag since I purchased it. York A/C Compressor
PORSCHE 911 Brake Master Cylinder66$60.00This is the brake master cylinder out of a 1979 Porsche 911, part #911.355.011.12. Includes the two 3-pole brake switches. Should fit 911 models '77-'89 w/ power assist and 911 Turbo 76-77. Aftermarket parts places sell this for $114.98
PORSCHE 911 Targa Package Tray241$200.00Has some scratches, otherwise it's in good shape - thought I could use it to redo the package tray of my Weissach Edition, but it's a shade too dark and not the same configuation.

Buyer pays shipping, via cashier's cheque or money order. Personal checks will ship when they clear.

Contact Blaine (Web Host here) at: shopkeep@stuttswap.com
Updated: 24-AUG-1999
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