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stg21thm.jpg (2870 bytes)
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I start from the middle bottom spoke, do both sides to make sure it's even, then move up the left. Note the wheel still has the plastic rear hub I used to make sure it fit on my 911 - this will not be on the final product.
Closeup of the threading on the left side. Note how exact the fit on the middle spoke is - I didn't have to do any trimming, which I often do on the newer kits - an indication of how the AGLA kits have changed. Actually, the extra is probably better than the alternative. Also, the leather on this kit seems more durable than the newer ones. It's still nice and plush, but sometimes the newer ones are more delicate. It also makes the sewing a little more difficult, as I think part of the durability is that this kit is a thicker cut of cow.

stg22thm.jpg (3263 bytes)
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stg23thm.jpg (3421 bytes)
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A couple days later. I've now got the left bottom arc almost done, so I switch over to the right side.
A front view of the same stage. The left spoke is done, but still needs to be trimmed. I don't tie off the ends of the threads on that spoke until the end, 'just in case'. stg25thm.jpg (3065 bytes)
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r_200_5s.jpg (14578 bytes)
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3/7/01: Completed!

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