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This wheel has the thicker grip, so it will mean more careful adjustment and slight stretching of the leather to make it fit properly. It might not be highly visible in this picture, but I did some temporary stitches at the spokes and on the rim to try and better position the leather.
Again, I start at the bottom center spoke and work up the left and right sides, switching back and forth to try and make sure things are positioned evenly.

View an enlarged sample

View an enlarged sample

On most 3-spoke 911 wheels, there is a thin seam in the vinyl running down the inside center - I try to make sure the stitching meets at that point, though this being leather, things sometimes shift off-center a bit. 
Here you can see that I'm having some issues with the right-hand spoke - it looks a little worse here because I did some preliminary stitching to test out something, and didn't get it right. Don't worry, it'll work out fine.
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View an enlarged sample

A little closer view of the latest stitching - note the extra flaps of leather at the end of the left-hand spoke and the loose thread - I wait until the end to tie the thread off and trim it, and then trim the extra leather back to the edge la OEM.

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