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This wheel will not receive a full recovering, but rather a restitching and redyeing, as it's in pretty good shape as is. Unfortunately, this photo does not really show the missing stitching or the various (minor) flaws in the surface coloring.
Here are some before and after photos of the horn pad. At first, it seemed okay as is, but under certain angles, the discoloration was pretty bad. The most right-hand photo is after redyeing. You can click on any of these to see a close-up (beware, the closeups are 1024x768!)...

r_352_pad1.JPG (451748 bytes) r_352_pad2.JPG (1059930 bytes) r_352_pad3.JPG (312632 bytes)

r_352_wheel1.JPG (317680 bytes) r_352_wheel2.JPG (308949 bytes) r_352_wheel3.JPG (262921 bytes)

Here's what the wheel looked like after stitching and redyeing, prior to reassembly - I tried to brighten the detail shots to show the stitching better.
A one-time-only candid snapshot of the inner skunkworks of Stuttgart Swapshop!

r_352_wheel4.JPG (355941 bytes)

r_352_wheel5.JPG (373882 bytes)

And voíla - the final product, assembled and ready to go!

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