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P2120001_med.JPG (363759 bytes)

Here's some close-ups of where I am right now. I'm going to soak it in Lexol tonight to try and ease up some of the wrinkles - they'll also smooth out with time as the leather 'readjusts'.

P2120002_med.JPG (405203 bytes)

P2120003_med.JPG (354556 bytes)

The three (one right and two below) pictures here are as of 02/17/2003. The main stitching is done, still need to clean up the loose ends, then finish removing the old glue from the center pieces, do the decorative stitching on them, glue 'em and trim 'em to fit.

P2170004.JPG (729108 bytes)

P2170005.JPG (662587 bytes)

P2170006.JPG (669967 bytes)

P2220003.JPG (699640 bytes)
Here is the pattern for the decorative stitching on the lower center piece. If done in the same lacing pattern as the outer rim, it would be too lumpy. I trim the last little ends before gluing it down and 'linking' it to the outer rim stitching. This thread was 40" long on each side, I believe - takes more to stitch this pattern.

P2230005.JPG (624261 bytes) 
Note here where I'm marking the center piece just prior to X-Acto knifing it. The left side has already been done.

P2230008.JPG (701552 bytes)
Final Product from the Front!

P2230009.JPG (669024 bytes)
And the back!

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