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Here you can see the wheel in its original condition, and where, when I peeled off the outer leather coering, the underlying 'undercoating' came off as well, especially along the two spoke areas. The undercoating appears to be how GM managed to create a 'fat rim' steering wheel without the additional expense of retooling the molds for the rim itself. Worked great then, but I was warned about this material by AGLA - it felt fine while covered with leather, but removing the leather revealed it had deteriorated somewhat.

To the right and below, you can see my work removing the 'undercoating', prior to replacing it with the felt provided by AGLA in their kit. I did all removal with a paint scraper, as I felt that any glue releasers and such would damage the rubber underneath. In some places, this undercoating was soft and squishy, and came right up, in other places it had dried to a hard shell.

P5030024.JPG (681522 bytes)

P5030023.JPG (672739 bytes)

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P5030028.JPG (713869 bytes)

Above and to the left are the final results of the undercoating removal - now a little more cleanup, installation of the new felt 'undercoating', and time to start stitchin'!
To the right is the steering wheel with the AGLA-provided felt 'undercoating' installed. There are still some minor trimming efforts needed prior to beginning the stitching of the leather which will cover it.Right now it's a little thicker than the original undercoating, but since it's also a less dense covering, it should compress down nicely once the leather is tightened over it. P5090005_medium.JPG (566281 bytes)
P5090006_medium.JPG (542691 bytes) Here's a view of the backside - again, notice there is still some trimming to be done.
Most recent progress. P5200008_medium.JPG (388219 bytes)
P6030015_medium.JPG (516512 bytes) Back view of the final product.
And the final front view! P6030012_medium.JPG (542707 bytes)

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