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I've put a thin coat of FlexFill on the portion of the wheel that suffered from surface cracking, then I've sanded it back down. I probably need to do a bit more sanding, then perhaps some more FlexFill touchups, then fix the broken stitches and after that it will be ready for redying.

P8070052_small.JPG (169188 bytes)

P8120066_medium.JPG (168206 bytes) To the left are a couple of the stitch repairs, I think there was at least one other spoke that needed it. The easy way to tell (in addition to the fact I overlapped at the first set of holes, i.e. there is one set of stitches where both the old thread ends and the new begins), is that the new thread is black and the old thread's dye has bleached out somewhat (also taken care of by the redye)...
P8120067_medium.JPG (171940 bytes)

I later added more FlexFills in areas that needed it, and sanded it back down, then sponged it and wiped with a rag to clean off the debris. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pics of it just prior to spraying, which would have shown that there was actually a good bit less FlexFill remaining than even in the picture above. I did not want to end up with a repair that looked like those deals where somebody tries to patch holes in their car with Bondo! 

P8120065_medium.JPG (142196 bytes)

P8170080_medium.JPG (177677 bytes)

Here are the final results. I'd still like to hold onto it for a day or two to let it 'cure', and also I may want to buff out the center pad a bit during that time and put another coat on it. I'm not as happy with the pad yet as I am with the rest of the wheel - which I'm VERY happy with! The patient has survived!

P8170079_medium.JPG (148287 bytes)

P8170077_medium.JPG (170756 bytes)

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