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The original condition of the wheel. At first, through the plastic wrap, I thought, "Oh, this doesn't need a recover, maybe I should just suggest a redye". Then when I got it out, I realized the leather was pretty dry-rotted, and worn (though smoothly enough), and of course, there was the nasty tear on the left at about 8:00 (I think I may have picked at it a LITTLE bit before taking this picture!)...

PA110001_medium.JPG (208515 bytes)

Below is the near-final stage of the recovered wheel. All that's left is a little tweaking and it should be ready to go!
PA120022_medium.JPG (199050 bytes) PA120023_medium.JPG (205679 bytes)
And below we have the final product, with a bit of Lexol on the leather and some Vinylex on the spokes...
PA190012_medium.JPG (194526 bytes) PA190011_medium.JPG (195798 bytes)

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