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stg21thm.jpg (2870 bytes)
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The first step - note that I start from the bottom spoke and work my way up both sides. I try to keep the leather evenly located about the wheel, to avoid bunching and other bad fitment (which will occur unless you check your work frequently).
A back view of the same stage as above - again, note that I try to keep two sets of thread going at the same time, so I can make sure things are (relatively) even-stitched and the leather is not being contorted too much. When I'm working on one side, I wrap the other threads around the little styrofoam thing that comes with the AGLA kit, and stuff it into the center hub to keep it out of the way.

stg22thm.jpg (3263 bytes)
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stg23thm.jpg (3421 bytes)
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Nearing the end. Note that the areas at the ends of the spokes are still untrimmed - that is one of the very last steps. I usually start sewing the top part from the left spoke, since the left side usually seems to wear out first -this way, any 'stretching' or other accomodations are done on the right side, so the left will support more wear and tear.
A front view of the same stage. The left spoke is done, but still needs to be trimmed. I don't tie off the ends of the threads on that spoke until the end, 'just in case'. stg25thm.jpg (3065 bytes)
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Another back view of the stage above. Note that while the left-hand spoke is basically finished (except for trimming), I leave the right-hand spoke undone on both sides until the end, when I've finished doing the top side. Note that this means you must be ultra-careful as you get near that spoke, rechecking to make sure you want have to make up a bunch of slack when you get there, or that things aren't otherwise out of whack at the very end.

stg24thm.jpg (3635 bytes)
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Sample 3-spoke
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Here's the final product!

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